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The Economics of Sports
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The Economics of Sports is the first textbook for this course and will engage students and professors alike. With all the focus and direction of a core economics text, it is ideal for courses that, until now, have had to rely on excerpts from principles books and isolated sports articles.

Throughout the text, Michael Leeds and Peter von Allmen introduce key economic concepts and then develop them patiently with lively examples and applications from the sports industry. Three of the four sections are devoted to illustrating prominent areas of economics: industrial organization, public finance, and labor economics. The final section provides insights into the not-for-profit sector of the economy and relates the previous three sections to amateur and college sports. Each part is rich with the latest industry news and the most influential cases throughout sports history. The Economics of Sports assumes only a basic, one-semester understanding in the principles of microeconomics and the rigor and level of depth have been designed for undergraduates, making it a perfect fit for sports economics courses!

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Features of Economics of Sports:
  • First textbook available on the economics of sports--all the core principles and applications in one cohesive text.
  • Accessible to both majors and non-majors--only a principles background.
  • Explains and reinforces a wide range of economic concepts through engaging sports examples.
  • Brief biography features introduce the men and women, past and present, who have been most influential in the sports industry.
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Reviewer Praise for Economics of Sports:

"One of the many strengths of the book is the many applications and examples offered by Leeds and von Allmen. They are excellent at illustrating economic concepts with interesting and relevant examples from the sports world."
-Larry Hadley, University of Dayton

"This is the first book that uses economic theory to explain the many conundrums in the world of sports. It will be a welcome addition to my classroom and a great roadmap for instructors developing Economics of Sports courses in the future... Leeds and von Allmen turn every sports enthusiast into a fan of economics."
-Karl Einolf, Mount St. Mary's College

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