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Happo is an intuitive software platform that grew out of a need to streamline the entire recruitment workflow for companies, unifying the process into one clear dashboard overview.

After 20-plus years in the recruiting and staffing business, we’ve noted two clear trends in how companies track the onboarding of new hires. Some rely on overly complicated and often costly application tracking systems (ATS). Others lack any structured approach at all, with no effective tools to collect, sort, screen and manage talent pools, store and share with colleagues and more. As a result, their inboxes are often overflowing with emails.

Screen, evaluate and hire

To save hours of wasted time and hassle around the hiring process, we developed our own cloud-based tool, Happo, as a complementary workflow service for clients. The whole idea is to make it easy to screen, evaluate and hire candidates, discuss with colleagues, send and receive emails – either one by one or in bulk – all with one clear overview.


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Happo is as simple as 1-2-3, but as powerful as any full-blown ATS.
The quotee Jimmy Söderström
Jimmy SöderströmHead of Sales, Academic Work

Quick facts

  • Simplified application tracking system (ATS)
  • All job applications in one place
  • Avoids emails and spreadsheets
  • Trusted by 8,000+ recruiters worldwide